Patriots Show Their Displeasure With Goodell, but Don’t Voice It

Kraft said nothing in response, then thumbed his nose at Goodell in his own remarks to the crowd moments later.

“Two years ago, we won our fourth Super Bowl down in Arizona, and I told our fans it was the sweetest one of all,” Kraft said, holding the trophy aloft as the commissioner departed. “But a lot has transpired in the last two years, and I don’t think that needs any explanation.”

All of that drama, Kraft said without invoking the word Deflategate, made this year’s title “unequivocally the sweetest.”

Later Sunday, Brady and Belichick deflected questions about the scandal.

On Monday, Goodell was called upon again to go through the motions of another awkward moment, at the traditional morning-after news conference to award the M.V.P. trophy. On a podium with the Super Bowl LI curtain behind it, he made a humorless introduction, telling Brady and Belichick that “it is a great honor for us, for me, personally, to have both these guys here this morning.”

After posing for a picture with Goodell, Brady again refused to address the scandal and his four-game suspension at the beginning of this season.

“It’s an honor to be here and have the commissioner present us with this trophy,” Brady said. “It means a lot.”

After answering questions, though, Brady’s actions again spoke volumes. Rather than take a seat alongside Goodell while Belichick went to the lectern, Brady left the room — leaving Goodell sitting alone off to the side as Belichick answered questions.

Brady, it seems, may have prepared for this moment. During his suspension at the start of the season, he filmed a commercial for a medical imaging company.

In the 30-second ad, which went live after the Patriots’ victory, Brady shows up in a waiting room for a magnetic resonance imaging test. Asked to remove his jewelry and place it in a locker before the M.R.I., Brady calmly takes off the four Super Bowl rings he had won before Sunday — then pulls a fifth out of his pocket. “I forgot this one,” he says. “It’s kind of new.”

Told he might need a bigger locker soon, Brady responds, “Roger that.”

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